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IGE Stone  | Salem, OR
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IGE Stone

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IGE Stone specializes in the exportation, importation and distribution of travertine, marble, and limestone products to countries around the world.

Intrepid Marble & Granite  | Salem, OR
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Intrepid Marble & Granite

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Intrepid Marble & Granite, Supplier of Granite, Marble, Slate, Travertine, TEC, Stone Tech, Akemi, Bellinzoni, Imer, MK, Metabo, Blanke, Diamant Boart, and others.

Pental Granite & Marble  | Salem, OR
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Pental Granite & Marble

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Excellent customer service, competitive pricing and a unique variety of material is what Pental Granite and Marble represents.

United Tile  | Salem, OR
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United Tile

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United Tile has offered the most comprehensive and creative selection of tile and stone products in the Northwest.

Emser Natural Stone | Salem, OR
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Emser Natural Stone

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Emser has become a leading marketer of the world’s finest natural stone. By offering unparalleled service and a dynamic selection of products, Emser is one of the most comprehensive sources for interior and exterior products quarry and cut-to-size stone.

Surface Art Natural Stone | Salem, OR
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Surface Art Natural Stone

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Surface Art was founded in 2001 on the simple principle of providing high fashion, high quality products from all over the world to the western United States.


InterCeramic® USA  Stone | Salem, OR
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InterCeramic® USA Stone

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Interceramic, a top distributor natural stone in North America. Interceramic has always strived to provide superior-quality products and customer service.

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